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Title in events

Sometimes it could be useful if the first number in settings,
was the field that would be used for the title in the calendarview.

Especially the venue field and the category field are fields that are a sort of key-fields.

The venue field are an index field, and therefore it could be used as a form for category. It could be a school.
Here You have the Math, biology, geografy, physics and so on. These are a kind of category and could therefore be used in the venue, where the system then "recognize" the category by typing in. And the information would be nice to have shown as headline.
The settings should be overruled by using a parameter i.e. cS=3 where 3 corresponds to the 3 in settings.

Possible headlines should be :

existing headline
extra1  (- or perhaps not )
extra2 (- or perhaps not )

It would then be perfect, if You in settings, could have the possibility, to let the user self select :

Username in front of headline allowed for user
Headlineselection allowed for user
Then a user could click a button and select : username in front of headline, and Venue as headline - and press done - and then as magic see the view change

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